Christine de Pizan

At last the book I have ordered arrived today. Christine de Pizan’s “City of Ladies”. It is a while ago that I had read the French version of it and remembered liking it. The version I have now is in English, modern English to be accurate. But one has to…

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Short History of Feminism

So, what is Feminism? What it is not, is a game that kids play at school, where one decides which group will be the feminists and which not, and then to see who wins by harassing each other and calling each other names. It is not meant to get rid…

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What is Feminism?

… and can a man be a feminist? To put things clear, I am not a huge friend of categorisation, of “putting people in a box”. So, before calling anybody a feminist, before claiming being a feminist myself, maybe we should research a bit more and see if it is…

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