What is EqualityBlog?

This blog is about pointing out inequalities and searching for ideas to resolve them.

Of course, this would evolve into an endless and impossible task, if we were to name here, now, every single inequality that comes into our mind and try, directly, to find a solution against it.
I have to make a choice and this choice is maybe best if I, this being my blog, decide about topics to talk about and follow, as to create a ground to constructive discussion. This might feel like some sort of inequality to others, but in this case, a rather harmless one. I am sure though that there will be enough to talk about as this concerns us all very much.

Furthermore, I will focus on inequalities in social relations, which already is a pretty large field and has all its own categories to explore.

Now, why am I writing such a blog at all? Have I not enough to do elsewhere than to think that I am, me above all, needed to solve social inequalities?!
There are a few answers to that:

1) I like societies that are given the means and opportunities to grow efficiently, providing the best for all their citizen and therefore, getting the best from all their citizen. Inequalities really disturb me a lot and I consider them as absolutely unnecessary and backward.

2) As one can see, I am writing in English, which is not my first language, but which I want to become my first language, for now, and the best way for this is to write, read, listen, think, write again.

3) I had a conversation lately with a friend about feminism. What a topic, he?!.. and it occurred to me that this was very much related to a lot of the thoughts that I share concerning social equality. So, at first, I thought, I might be starting a blog about feminism only and explore as much as I can about it. But then, seeing the relationship between the feminist idea and social inequalities in general, I decided on having a general blog about inequalities in social relations and have a topic called Feminism.
And there we go. My first topic will be: Feminism!… I can’t wait.

What I am NOT looking for,
is fight, aggressions, attacks that will lead us nowhere, except that they destroy the communication and the idea of trying to solve problems. If anybody is against some ideas expressed in this blog, and this will certainly happen, then give your opposition non-offensive words, phrases, that the other party may use to follow the discussion. This is here about finding solution against inequalities, not creating havoc.┬áDon’t call yourself a patriot unless you are ready to take in criticism and work with and for all your fellow-citizens towards a solution.